Random pics, mostly related to something to do with bikes.

-Loving my new hardtail! 2-23-21

-Internal cable exit and cable guide on the Gravel Grinder I built for the Locked In Show’s Mike Shrewsbury. 6-17-17

-Riding the fire roads and mountain roads in LA county has quickly become a favorite of mine. 4-29-17

Never not messing around on my bike!

-The Gaviota Head Tube Badge! 2-21-17

-A little gravel grinding on my cyclocross bike. 10-27-16

-V- detail in the BB shell of my personal disc CX frame. 3/18/16


Finally painted my first frame build. Since moving to San Marcos (North San Diego County) the rust has been harder and harder to keep up with. After the rattle can cloud cleared I was left with THIS!



I made some stem top caps.



This ocean air is making me have to paint my raw single speed frame. 9/6/15



My wife’s frame is the second I had ever built. It’s a gravel bike with 1×10 SRAM, 700×32’s and smooooooth!



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