Good bye to True Temper tubes.

True Temper

So, I have built 2 of the 4 frames using full True Temper tubing and I must say that I was sold! Completely ready to exclusively use True Temper tubes from then out I stumble upon the news of their ceasing to produce bicycle tubing. I was happy with the straitness  of their tubes, the finish, durability and the fact that they are made in the USA.

As a noob hobbyist builder this won’t effect me too much. Not near the effect it will have on all the full time builders who have used True Temper since their inception. Built a business around the fact that they use American steel and source all materials from the USA.

According to the article below it seems like I’ll be able to get tubing from True Temper through December 2016. I will use as much True Temper as I can for the remainder of that time. However, then, I’ll have to go another route. I have always wanted to try Reynolds tubes!

For now all we can do is hope the suits at True Temper see that the small builder market is growing and change their mind or sell the bicycle tubing “division” to keep the “Made in the USA” people going .

True Temper Discontinues.

Enjoy, ride safe!