Cyclocross 2018 

Another great season of cyclocross here in Minnesota! My son, Ethan, moved up into the Juniors class with mixed emotions. He was happy to be moving up with the big boys but not always happy to ride the full course. But as the season progressed he was getting his endurance up more and more! I’m so proud of his progress this year! 

Started the season off at Theo Wirth for the All-City Intercontinental Cyclocross Championships! 

Perfect weather! Cool morning and warm by the time the whistle blew! 

Got to hang out with his CX buddy Roczin! 

Then we skipped a race to do a #BushBuilds Cyclocross Skills clinic with Marcus Bush! Bush taught Ethan and I a lot that day and we made some friends!

Next up was Karma Cross in New Brighton. No major hills, which we both liked but that doesn’t mean an easy course!!! 

Game face for Green Acers! Green Acers CX is the best! Such a fun atmosphere! 

Little Guy Racing CX in Jackson Medow is a really cool race in a really cool spot! 

A link to Jackson Medow.

He got on the podium for the first time in Juniors at Jackson Medow! 

Fulton Star Cross is a night race and usually a wet race! This year wasn’t too bad in Saturday when I raced but Sunday was another story for Ethan! 

Here I am right behind the leader….. after getting lapped! 

Sunday for Ethan….. got dirty! He was really excited to debut his new helmet! I think it still has mud from Lyons Park in Chrystal! 

We then slid on into the MN States CX race! 

I loved this course! I didn’t race it but I rode along with Ethan and it had a little of everything! Twisty off camber, paved segments, barriers, hills, a log to bunnyhop! It was more like going for a trail ride!

Proud to get on the podium! Allbeit 2nd out of 2, it’s the support you get at CX that I love. Seeing his eyes light up when they call his name for the poduim… makes the whole season worth it!

And that’s our 2018 season! 

I’d like to try a XC MTB race this summer too! 

Some cyclocross hecklers came under fire lately. I’d like to share my personal experience. At Fulton Star Cross I shouldered my bike up the big hill to where the finish line is for one lap and I heard a guy yelling “Holy Shit, you better have 2 flat tires! It’s a bicycle, RIDE IT!!!” You know what, the next laps, I rode the mother fucker and damn it, it was faster! After my race he came over and said “You did awesome out there man!” and Hi5’d me!

These are also the same guys that cheer Ethan on when he’s out there! You should see how happy that makes him, hearing them cheer his name and offering encouragement. It’s really heart warming to see!

So you see, hecklers make cyclocross better for Ethan and I so, in my opinion, heckle the shit out of me! I’ll ride better and I know they’ll take care of my son when he’s out in the mud! 

Well, time to get back to building frames! 

Thank you for checking this out!