Why not make a Saddle Bag?

What to carry when on a bike? Talk to a hundred cyclists and you’ll get OVER 100 different answers. What I take for summer, what I take for winter, what I take for long rides, short rides, hot rides, road rides, gravel rides….. Blah blah blah!

I’m not going to tell ANYBODY who has half a clue what to bring. If you go on a ride no farther than you wouldn’t mind walking home from, then bring nothing. I don’t care. But most people don’t ride within a half mile of home. I just wanted to always have 2 things in my saddle bag. A tube and a multi tool.

There are plenty of small bags for that. BUT! I wanted a bag for my Fat Bike! A 26×4″ tube is pretty huge so small bags would NEVER come close to holding the tube alone. Larger bags are either dorky or really large, padded and expensive. Outer Shell makes a drop dead gorgeous roll top bag that I use on my cyclocross bike and absolutely love! It would have most likely been a great solution except for one thing….. I have a sewing machine now!

I ordered up some 500 denier Cordura and got my Brother out. (Side note, I am closet Brother fan! Mark my words, one day I will own a Brother CNC mill!) I was thinking something like a bi-fold wallet. Tube on one side, multi tool on the other. Without any real plan I cut up a chunk of fabric and put the pedal to the metal.

For years I have used those Velcro strips that you use to wrap a bunch of computer cables together to reinforce some of my less superior saddle bags. I figured I wouldn’t attach any straps to the bag rather keeping the minimalist theme going and just tightly cinch this velcro computer strap to the saddle rails.

Son of a bitch it worked! Not the most sexy saddle bag ever created but it may be JUST what I needed!

And you know what? If it DOESN’T work, I have like 7/8 of that yard of fabric left. I would love to get better with my sweing machine but you know, for now, this is just what I need.

Don’t be afraid to make your own shit!


Oh, and go have fun!