Frame Painting #RattleCan

Rust. Bare steel frames last just fine in the desert that is LA county. However now that we’re in San Diego county, 12 miles from the beach, I couldn’t keep bare metal clean and shiny. So, it’s time for paint. Not just any paint, no no no. Rattle Can Paint! Budgets suck. Ha!


But first I wanted to add water bottle mounts. My handy, dandy little fixture here makes quick work of the drilling.


And brazing water bottle mounts is among the quickest braze jobs on a bike.


Now, time to prime.




Add frame decals like a pro builder, reassemble.


BAM! I even did the stem. Love how it looks!

Next I’m finishing Adam from Rotten Gear’s frame finally!

Ride safe out there people! Road raging morons are out there waiting.

Allan Varcoe

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