The VarcoFrog?

Yes sir, the VarcoFrog! My buddy Lawson aka: Frogi was looking for a frame that fit him to be used in fixed gear road crit races and to bomb around the streets of the ATL on. 

We chose Columbus Zona tubes because of it’s toughness, ride quality and light weight. The top tube is 7/5/7 wall but to add to the stiffness I used an 8/6/8 wall downtube. These numbers refer to the wall thickness of the tubes. Most tubes used in bikes have “butted” tubes. This means the wall thickness is thicker at the ends, where the junctions are and thinner in the middle where strength is not as important. 7/5/7 means the tubes wall thickness changes from .7mm at one end, tapers to .5mm in the middle, then back up to .7mm at the other end. 

Miters need to fit tight even under lugs! 

Vent holes. I’d like to make em bigger. 

This frame has a 100mm head tube so the lugs had to be modified to achieve such a diminutive number. 

Here my QC department checks that the seat tube slot lines up with the slot in the lug. 

They’re not impressed. 

120mm track width!

Doing a fastback again. I love fastbacks thanks to Ben Serotta!

Next is badges. I wanted to use the Gaviota logo and add some type of BB tag with name and number of the frame. 

This Froggy is done!!!

Frogi is going to paint it himself so I can’t WAIT to see what he comes up with. I really like the way this frame came out and I hope he does too! I also hope he rides the shit out of it!

Have fun and stay safe everybody! 

Allan Varcoe

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