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Custom Scooter Bars?!?!?

Yeah, why not?

My son is a huge 11 year old. He’s 5’8″ and built like a linebacker. (Is that a large position? I don’t know football for shit!) My monster of a child rides scooters so naturally he outgrew his current scooter.

I did some research on scooter fit. Yes, scooter fit. Basically for different disciplines of scootering there are different bar heights and deck lengths. Basically, bars should be +/- an inch or so from the hip. Skatepark riders usually go a pinch below the hip while street riders tend to go above the hip.

This pic is from August and he’s grown in the last 4 months!

I made him design the bars with me. Measuring fork steerer diameters, OD’s, slot widths, star nut depths and even dog fur and paper thickness just for fun! Since he mostly rides at the skatepark, we went with a bar that he would grow into. He’ll be taller than me by the time I finish writing this.

How do you miter .875″ to 1.25″? Squishy squish!
I scribed the clamp slot thinking I was going to cut it at home but then realize that the ID wasn’t going to fit the steerer tube so, off to work!
Slot… We have a Haas ST20Y at work, perfect for boring and slotting in one chucking!
Now the fork fits!
Yeah, this is going to be quite a change!
Back home. Flux…
Checking perpendicularly.
Good enough for me! 😁
Hot water…

Now the deck is also too small so, what he doesn’t know it that there is a new deck that’s 5″ longer under the Christmas tree from Grandma and Grandpa! (Today is 12/23/20)

I’ve ridden it as is and it is SO much easier to hop up the curbs in our neighborhood! I can’t wait to see what Ethan can do at the skatepark on the new setup!

Pics to follow!

Till then, enjoy the holidays and go do something with your family!

Post Christmas Update:

Let’s see if I remember how to grip tape from the skateboarding days!
Screwdriver to mark around the outside.
Somewhat larger. Haha!