Adam from Rotten Gear’s Track Frame

As I learn about frame construction I like trying different things. With Adams frame I wanted to try a couple things. One was using nails to keep the tubes and lugs in place while brazing.

So per recommendation from Greg from Magic Cycle Werks I went to good old Home Depot and picked up a box of unplated, steel finishing nails. They are about .070″ in diameter so it’s not like I’m drilling quarter inch holes in my lugs or anything.


The other thing I wanted to try was better flux. I love McMaster Carr just like anything else but the flux they sell gets no such love from me.  I ordered some System 48 flux from Cycle Design USA. Since Wade is a nice guy he sent me an oz. of System 48 Silver to try also. I also got some Fillet Pro to try for later. 😉


Ok, so, nail it all together, check it…


Close enough.

Flux, heat, silver and bam!


I really liked how the System 48 flux didn’t flake off and stayed active the whole time! The silver flowed threw with ease and filled slight gaps better than Harris Safety Sil 56.

Now to soak, trim off the nails and done!


This is also the first time I build a frame from start to finish entirely in my own shop! So much firsts!

Dropouts! I think dropouts are one of the coolest parts of a frame. They can show how serious or how artsy a frame is. Classic Campy look, breezer style, low disc mount…. can change the look and feel of a frame all by themselves.

I really like these. I used them on my SS frame and they look clean and are strong as hell looking! Naturally since Adam is a big dude, strength is a concern. These Long Shin track dropouts fit the bill to a tee.


They are plug in style so brazing is simple!

If you don’t like the clean-cut cycling gear out there check out Rotten Gear! My buddy Adam has some obvious metal/horror/hardcore influences. If you’re into the same thing he is and you don’t see what you like there, give him time. Kits will be coming! Like his page! This guys doodles are amazing! Can’t wait to see when he gets serious!

Thanks for checking this post out. There’s plenty more to be done on this frame so expect to see another post soon!

Allan Varcoe

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