Tooling Up!

In an effort to make all my frames ride straight I needed a way to check the alignment. Not having the funds for an alignment table I decided to improvise. Making a bottom bracket post and using a milling machine table I will be able to do so.

After turning I get to use the tap handle my Grandpa gave me. I love using stuff he used when he was my age. 🙂


Then I took it from the CNC lathe to a good ole manual Bridgeport mill to drill mounting holes.


You get the picture using a BB shell.


It’s first use will be on Adam from Rotten Gear’s frame.

I used the BB post to align Adam’s BB and ST. Turns out the frame nails held very well as the ST was only .005″ out along the whole tube! Not bad for a noob!
Damn I’ve gotta get myself a CNC machine for my shop! Ha!

Thanks again! Ride safe out there everybody!

Allan Varcoe

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